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As you prepare to do your research papers…. February 19, 2007

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Just in case you forgot how… 



band ad February 13, 2007

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Looking for some real live entertainment? In this fast paced world of web streaming, xm radio and hi-def television we forget how captivating live entertainment can actually be. Well I say join me on Friday night, February 16, 2007 at the Magic Stick, located in Detroit, MI just down Woodward Ave. for some amazing musical experiences. I play in a local band known as “Roundabout”. We specialize in engaging our listeners with a relaxed vibe, smooth melodies and funky beats. I feel that is incredibly important for us to keep the arts alive by listening to, participating and supporting local musicians and artists. I find that using technology can help local artists advertise themselves, like my band does by using to inform others of gig dates/venues, member profiles and music samples. If anybody is interested I have tickets that I am selling. They are $8 and I believe they are more expensive at the door. Just ask me in class and I will bring one for you.I think music is important because it defines us as humans, and it is one of the greatest forms of expression and communication. Music plays a part in everyone’s life all day long, from the background vocals in commercials to the rhythmic patterns heard from local construction as we walk to class, sounds encompass our lives.

Although music is an extremely significant part of my life and who I am, I would like to say that I would have little to no inspiration if it wasn’t for my girlfriend. She helps me develop my creativity by inspiring me with her own creativity. My girlfriend is a great influcence in my music. She helps me with melody, interpretation, harmony, rhythm, and style. She helps me pick out what to wear so the girls at the bar will think I look good and want to come back. She even makes me cake for valentines day so that I will be well nourished and able to play to the best of my abilities. This is a special thanks to her and all the hard work she does to keep me happy. Without her, I don’t know where I would be.

-Andrew Nichols


Reminder! Requirements!

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OK, so I wanted to remind you guys about the blog assignments. (Although the guidelines are on blackboard and are posted under “introducing the blog.”)

There are 3 grading possibilities with the blog.

1) 100%. In order to get this you have to A) post on time B) be somewhat on topic C) comment on 2 other people’s posts on time and D) MEET THE LENGTH REQUIREMENT! It has to be the equivalent of one page, single spaced, 12 pt. font. Or 500 words. I will give you credit for 450 words, that’s not bad and could make up one page. But 325 words is not acceptable. That’s half an assignment. Think of ways you could make it longer, I’ve given you plenty of suggestions. This is a writing course. 

2) 50%. If you don’t meet the above requirements but do post something, you will get this grade.

3)0%. This is what you get when you do NO work.

Your grade is up to you, it’s in your hands. If you don’t excel at “academic” writing, this is the place to explore your ideas and get an easy A without having to feel stifled by the rules of writing. Please take this opportunity to get full credit.

~jenna g.


Writing Suggestions February 10, 2007

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OK, here are some topics you could write on. You could pick one and elaborate or pick a few of them. Of course your own ideas are fine, as long as they have something to do with private and public space (cities, the country, suburbs, urban planning, neighborhoods, etc.) And of course it’s OK for more than one of you to write on the same topic.

1. Respond to an article we’ve read. Did you agree or disagree with it and why? Can you relate to the articles because of events in your own life or not?

2. Analyze a building (public or private) the way that we analyzed State Hall in class. Come up with some conclusion about what your analysis means about the design of the building (such as State Hall used to be a high school). You could do the inside or the outside of the building, and it could be anything from your own home to a university building to a restaurant or library. Refer to pages 9-10 in The World is a Text for guidance.

3. How is the city you live in now different from the city you grew up in? How is your neighborhood different? How is your neighborhood different from that of a friend or classmate? What does this say about the cultural situations of each location?

4. How has your decision to live somewhere been affected by either money or transportation?

5. Does your city’s design encourage tension or neighborliness? Why and how?

6. Did you grow up in an area where there was a lot of things for teenagers to do or not? Tell a story about it.

7. Do you have relatives that migrated to or out of Detroit? Tell a story about that.

8. Write about your notes on Do The Right Thing.

(suggestions for the film were as follows:1.How is Brooklyn, as it is presented in the film, different from where you grew up or where you live now? How do you know it’s different? What are the signs that tell you it’s different and what do they mean in a cultural context? 2.How is Brooklyn similar to where you grew up or where you live now? What exactly is similar and why? What does that say about what your city and Spike Lee’s Brooklyn have in common? 3. We have read about racial isolation caused by the creation of suburbs. Is there racial isolation in this film? Why or why not? How might racial isolation be different in Brooklyn versus Detroit? 4. We’ve read about suburban teenagers having little to do & few places to go. Would teenagers in the film’s world have constructive things to do or not? What kind of outlets would they have? 5. We’ve read about the signs of neighborliness and what New Urbanists think helps to create it. How many of those signs are present in the film? Do they in fact help to create a sense of community? Why or why not? 6. What role does transportation play in the film? What role does sound play in it? 7. How is Spike Lee’s version of Brooklyn possibly different from the real Brooklyn?)

1.        1.How is
Brooklyn, as it~jenna g.