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ey3 in the sky April 18, 2007

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this house is empty,
and i am too full to be here…
it’s not because of fear that i run,
it’s because of what i know is there…
what is there will never be here,
it makes my eyes bulge an break upon broken tears…

i’ve shattered, and unfolded, chopped neatly upon a platter,
nothing remains except everything…
everything that time will tell you never happened,
nothing that should have ever happened…
lost in origami, spinning within a tsunami,
i know i’ll never find the answer…
but atleast i still know the question.

why do i

dread the morning,
if the sun ever were too come,
i could no longer get lost in those eyes…
the most beautiful stars that make me feel alive,
perfection in moments and frames,
ourselves unfolding within flames,
i’m scared because i live in my dreams…
who’s to say that this isn’t real?
that last night never happened,
and i’m just losing myself in a manifestation…
a fanatasy that may have never happened,
i miss it already, innocent and passionate,
lite brite smiles dispelling any form of mystery,
i’d forgotten where we were,
i’d forgotten where to be,
i’d forgotten who was me…



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as plotinus knew: let the world be quiet. let the heavens and the earth and the seas be still. let the world be waiting. let the self contraction relax ino the empty ground of its own awareness, and let it there quietly die. see how spirit pours through each and every opening in turmoil, and bestows new splendor on the setting sun and its glorous earth and all its radiant inhabitants. see the kosmos dance in emptiness; see the play of light in all creatures great and small; see finite worlds sing and rejoice in the play of the very divine, floating on a glory that renders each transparent, flooded by a joy that refuses time or terror, that undoes the madness of the loveless self and buries it in splendor.

indeed, indeed: let the self contraction relax into the empty ground of its own awareness, and let it there quietly die. see the kosmos arise in its place, dancing madly and divine, self luminous and self liberating, intoxicated by a light than never dawns nor ceases. see the worlds arise and fall, never caught in time or turmoil, transparent images shimmering in the radiant abyss. watch the mountain walk on water, drink the pacific in single gulp, blink and a billion universes rise and fall, breathe out and create a kosmos, breathe in and watch it dissolve.

alet the ecstacy overflow and outshine the loveless self, driven mad with the torments of its self embracing ways, hugging mightily samsara’s spokes of endless agony, and sing instead triumphantly with saint catherine, “my being is god, not by simple participation, but by a true transformation of my being. my me is god!” and let the joy sing with dame julian, “see! i am god! see! i am in all things! see! i do all things!” and let the joy shout with hankuin, “this very body i the body of buddha! and this very land the pure land!”

and this earth becomes a blessed being, and every i becomes a god, and every we becomes god’s sincerest worship, and every it becomes god’s most gracious temple.

and comes to rest that godless search, tormented and tormenting. the knot in the heart of the kosmos relaxes to allow it only god, and overflows the spirit ravished and enraptured by the lost and found Beloved. and fone the godless destiny of death and done the tears and terror of the brutal days and endless nights where time alone would rule.

and i-i rise to tast the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today. and the shining says: to love it all, and love it madly, and always endlessly, and ever fiercely, to love without choice, and thus enter the all, to love it mindlessly and thus be the all, embracing the only and radiant divine: now was emptiness, now as form, together and forever, the godless search undone, and love alone will shine today.

written by_ken wilber_


paused clockwork

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the last pattern cascaded down in waterfalls. his eyes could only catch the shadows, glimpsing the dreams constantly unfolding with each particle. bug eyed antennas raced on waves. a frequency found in between duality. light dueling the dark, alternate realities.
spectrum revealed and sealed. opened to envelope all shadowic transparent. drops in the carpet, these cartoons have been playing on; episodes and countless chapters in a book of dreams. letting it be and showing itself atop shelves of space.

paused clockwork

void draining and pulling him wide. stretched technic apprehension, and super-human comprehension. drawing on akashic records flowing out of individual strings. carpeting becoming a radio channeled mind of universal pacification.