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Intro Message (please read) January 3, 2007

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Hey. This is going to be our class blog. In class, I’ll give you the log-in name and password. These blogs are just an easy way for you to write reading responses without having to go through the trouble of actually turning them in on paper. On the syllabus, I’ve listed the times, dates and topics on which your blog responses are due. You are only required to write the equivalent of one full, single-spaced page in 12 point font (at least 500 words). But you can post pictures or write more than that if you want, too.

A few things to remember:

1. Anyone on the internet can read what you write here. This is just one of the reasons it is important not to use offensive language or personally attack your classmates.

2. That being said, this is a space you can use to write your opinion without having to worry if it is “academic writing” or not. I would genuinely like to know your reaction to the things that we read.

3. You will be asked to make two comments per blog assignment on other students’ writing. Keep them constructive. They should be anywhere from 3-10 sentences long.

4. It is important that you sign your name at the end of your entry so that I can give you credit for completing the assignment.

5. Depending on what you write, I may or may not comment on your post. I’ll be reading all of them regardless.

6. These blogs are going to be used to generate class discussion on the readings and to allow you to write in a less restricted environment than the typical classroom.