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Myspace is for losers! April 19, 2007

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About 1 year ago I only knew about 3 or 4 people who had a “My Space”. I couldn’t help but laugh at these people who took so much time and effort to make this miraculous web page. But lately everyday someone unleashes their new My Space. Every single person with a mouse and keyboard has one, its sickening. Since when was the country full of web designers? Most people don’t even know where the start menu is but yet you managed to make a mini website complete with video sound and pictures. Who knew you had so much potential! One of the most hilarious things I encountered on these my space sites is how good it can make the nastiest person look. You people sit there and take 4,000 pictures and pick 3 of them that make you look bombing! This site can make Sloth from the goonies look like Brad Pitt. The funny thing is when the people in the pictures have the same outfits on in every picture. By doing that you’re basically telling us “Hey I took these pictures specifically for my space so that I can have more “friends””. Then there’s those pictures where the girl lowers her shirt to reveal her cleavage and gives that chest pose. You girls are making B cups look like D cups! But nothing is better then all the “My Space Thugs” throwing up their PEACE signs and wearing their G-Unit hats with their fake chains. You’re not hood and you’re never going to be hood because you grew up in a place that has every freedom possible.            Then there’s these hilarious surveys that are so unbelievably retarded and straight up pointless. I don’t care if you like Lipton, I don’t care that your wearing slippers right now and I don’t care how much you love Oreos! HAHA and when it asks what’s your best physical feature and then the person leaves it blank, LMAO. Honestly why would you embarrass yourself like that? Go eat a box of Oreos with your Lipton Ice Tea. Then there’s these people who continuously lie on their surveys, like what is the point in that? Or when it asks you if you smoke/drink you got people with drinks in their hands in their pictures saying “No that stuff is wrong. Hey guys I’m cocaine what drug are you??? Or I’m KRISTIN from
Laguna Beach who are you? I don’t know about you but I would rather not call my self a coked up
Laguna Beach character. Seriously people need to grow up and act your their own age. All those hot super models that claim are your “friends” are not real people!

Alaa Bazzi


3 Responses to “Myspace is for losers!”

  1. Jenna G. Says:

    Hmmm. I think I that this is maybe not quite what I had in mind for an extra credit blog post. It seems like it is a little too reactionary and could be thought out in a more critical way. I did like the other post, however, because it showed that kind of insight I was looking for. I’ll combine the two to give you some credit.

  2. a Says:

    myspace is for losers n ppl hu rite huge posts like u r even bigger losers…get off the computer n do somet wit ure life!

  3. educated Says:

    “myspace is for losers n ppl hu rite huge posts like u r even bigger losers…get off the computer n do somet wit ure life!”

    whoever wrote that witty observation is going to get nowhere in his/her life. not that i disagree with your statement – myspace is for losers – but your bastardization of the english language ensures a bright future in the fast food industry. perhaps if you are lucky you can climb the ladder to entry level management.

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