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ey3 in the sky April 18, 2007

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this house is empty,
and i am too full to be here…
it’s not because of fear that i run,
it’s because of what i know is there…
what is there will never be here,
it makes my eyes bulge an break upon broken tears…

i’ve shattered, and unfolded, chopped neatly upon a platter,
nothing remains except everything…
everything that time will tell you never happened,
nothing that should have ever happened…
lost in origami, spinning within a tsunami,
i know i’ll never find the answer…
but atleast i still know the question.

why do i

dread the morning,
if the sun ever were too come,
i could no longer get lost in those eyes…
the most beautiful stars that make me feel alive,
perfection in moments and frames,
ourselves unfolding within flames,
i’m scared because i live in my dreams…
who’s to say that this isn’t real?
that last night never happened,
and i’m just losing myself in a manifestation…
a fanatasy that may have never happened,
i miss it already, innocent and passionate,
lite brite smiles dispelling any form of mystery,
i’d forgotten where we were,
i’d forgotten where to be,
i’d forgotten who was me…


One Response to “ey3 in the sky”

  1. Jenna G. Says:

    I like these. Maximum extra credit bestowed upon you. Please, feel free to continue posting even after the class. I’ll leave the blog up for whoever wants to use it.

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