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for granted April 12, 2007

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            Many of us take life for granted always thinking that there will be a tomorrow. It’s not the things that we do, it’s the little things that we don’t do. Like for those who have parents, when was the last time you actually hugged your parent(s) and told them how much they meant to you and that you love them? Or even your sister, or brother you never know what could happen.When was the last time you called your grandparents or that special aunt, or uncle just to say hi and tell them that they were on your mind? Or even a friend or cousin who you have not talk to or seen in years. Think about it. We have the idea that they will always be there and that nothing will happen to them. The calls tend to get shorter, the visits start to slack and become time consumeing, and next thing you know you have lost contact. I know how it is, I know the saying i’m going to call, or i’m going to come over, and it keeps getting put off. All I am saying is enjoy one another while you have each other. Don’t wait till your loved ones funeral till you give them flowers do it while their living because those are the ones that count, that they will remember. And enjoy your life as well no one should live life unhappy. The only way that your life becomes unhappy is if you let it. Yeah we all are not rich, or have a peachy family, but at times you have to make the best out of a bad situation. Like it’s ok to plan for your future, but live for the present as well. Because we all have a time to go and every second that has passed is another second not promised. It truely hurts when you have things on your mind that you could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve said when someone is out of your life for good so take it from me charish and show your appreciation to the ones in your life don’t let petty stuff prevent you from doing that. I lost my grandfather not to long ago and everything i’m telling you is what i knew all along I just took his life for granted and kept on saying “tomorrow I will call,”  or “he’s not going anywhere.” I took it for granted until reality slapped me in the face.                              



One Response to “for granted”

  1. Jenna G. Says:

    Very thoughtful, RaSondra. I liked this post. I’ll give you credit for it.

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