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women February 26, 2007

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Why men can’t understand women is simple. They don’t think outside of the box they always think that all women are the same and that we want money, someone with a great body, and who looks like the best thing in the world. When really those are just accesories to add on, when what really matters is a good conversation. Why would we want someone who has all physical qualities with no since, can’t hold a conversation for more than five minutes. Really it’s the little things that count as well. For example us women look at things like this; our birthdays for example you don’t always have to buy a very exspensive gift. If you make us a card and bake a cake yourself  that would mean more than any bought item for the simple fact it was something you did within your time. Like they say it’s the thought that counts. Next thing is when an argument takes place you don’t always have to say sorry to be honest some of us like a man who is not soft. If you know for a fact or even feel that you were mistreated stand your ground. We actually like someone who is not so soft.  And my last point is communication. Every now and then a little one on one serious conversation would be good.  The problem with men not understanding women is the lack of  communication. So think aboout it men we are not as difficult as you think it’s just the simple things that can seem the hardest to you.  Remember the little things sometimes stand out more.                    RaSondra


do we have the right

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This day and age people are starting to become more open with what they do.  One main thing I noticed peoples sexuality. More and more people are starting to open up about being gay. But there is one main statement I want to put out and address and that’s do people who are not of the same status have the right to judge those who do.  In my opinion I don’t think there is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion it’s just the way that you put it out there. At one point I use to not be open minded about gay people. I use to think that they were just basically bad people. Untill eventually people very close to me started opening up about there sexuality and come to find out they were no different. My best friend, a family member, even teammates came out of the closet.  That opened me up to see that they are just like me really nothing more, nothing less. Gay people have  always been around it’s just that they were never as open as they are this day and age. Everywhere you go you see the open expressions of those who are gay and what I noticed is that they walk and act with confidence. Almost a decade ago you could not express that you were gay without being talked about so bad that you would transfer schools; or even beat up very badly. But now that’s history. Of course you have people who will make their comments here and there, but on the up and up it’s not that bad. Gay people are facing bigger things like human rights.  Do they have the right to get married, adopt children, collect insurance things of that nature. Many people of high authority have a lot to do with the comlications of gay rights.  But honestly do we have the right to judge them and say what rights do they have.  I don’t think it’s right, for the simple fact they are going to still do what they want reguardless to what others say or do. Just think about it what if they all come together and come agianst us and judge us we would not like it at all. Everywhere we would go they would say mean things to us and maybe threaten us; it’s just not cool.  So in my opion what we need to do is just learn to live with it, and if it bothers us that bad then we need to stay off to ourselves and stay away. Me personally I am not gay, but I learned to be open minded and think outside the box. So what we need to do is not judge, why because honestly we don’t have the right.



As you prepare to do your research papers…. February 19, 2007

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Just in case you forgot how… 



SpacE! February 13, 2007

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We have been discussing different aspects of space in class recently, ranging from the structure of State Hall, how it has different colors in every floor, and how every floor has different study space, and also how every class is somewhat different. We also went over the difference of life in cities or urban areas to the suburbs. OK lets take a minute and find out the literal definition of space. What is space? The word “space,” has many different meanings. There is no one specific definition for space, it is used somewhat differently in different fields of study.

In philosophy: Space has a range of definitions, one view of space is that it is part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a set of dimensions in which objects are separated and located, have size and shape, and through which they can move. A contrasting view is that space is part of a fundamental abstract mathematical conceptual framework (together with time and number) within which we compare and quantify the distance between objects, their sizes, their shapes, and their speeds. In this view space does not refer to any kind of entity that is a “container” that objects “move through.”..

 In mathematics; space is a set, with some particular properties and usually some additional structure, such as the operations of addition or multiplication, for instance. It is not a formally defined concept as such, but a generic name for a number of similar concepts, most of which generalize some abstract properties of the physical concept of space.

In physics: space is one of the few fundamental quantities in physics, meaning that it cannot be defined via other quantities because there is nothing more fundamental known at present. Thus, similar to the definition of other dundamental quantities (like time and mass), space is defined via measurement.

In Astronomy, space refers collectively to the relatively empty parts of the universe. Any area outside the atmosphere of any celestial body can be considered ‘space’. Although space is certainly spacious, it is not always empty, but can be filled with matter.

In geography: Geographical space is called land, and has a relation to ownership (in which space is seen as property).

In Psychology: The way in which space is perceived is an area which psychologists first began to study in the middle of the 19th century, and it is now thought by those concerned with such studies to be a distinct branch within psychology.

Anyways, as you can see the word space is a broad word. Furthermoe everyone’s space is different. Everyone has a comfort space or a comfort zone, where you sit or do something. Sometimes I like to be around friends and sometimes I jus want my personal time, so you can have your own space to do things you like and that interest you. Personally I like my space when I talk to my gurl, wife, over the phone because that’s the only way we communicate right now because I am here in the
US and she is back in
Yemen. So yeah at times I would be talking to her and lookin at her picture at the same time. But yeah you can get the idea everyone’s space and comfort zone for doing anything is different from person to person.

Moe Nasser


The difference between school in the US and School where I was born/raised!

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                  Most of you probably don’t know but I was born in Moldova, Romania and I came here the summer before my freshman year of high school. The town that I was born in consisted of four hundred total people. The school that I went to consisted of grades k-8. There were a total of about 120-130 kids in the school and twenty of which were in my grade. All of my classes consisted of these twenty students. After eighth grade you have to take an exam which is equivalent to the act here to get into high school. However high school in Romania is different. When you apply to go to high school each one specializes in what you want to become as you get older such as mechanics, education, beauty and many more other schools. I had pretty much a set schedule while I went to school in my hometown. Get up go to school until 12pm, go play soccer with the rest of the kids till about 8pm, and then I would do my homework. Soccer is a big part of life where I grew up, in fact its pretty much all we did besides hanging out with each other in school. When I graduated from 8th grade my parents decided that we would be moving to the US because they wanted me and my brother to get a better education knowing the limits that Romania had to offer. When we arrived to Michigan no body in my family knew English. Some members of a local church welcomed us as we arrived and with the church’s help we had our house paid for until my parents learned enough English to maintain a job. I enrolled into Hazel Park High School knowing only a few words in English. I have never seen this many kids in a school in my entire life, heck forget about seeing this many people in school I’ve never seen this many in my whole town at the same time. I went from a school that had 120-130 students to a school that had 1300-1400 students. Making friends the first year was kind of tough since I was still learning English and it was hard for the rest of my classmates to understand what I was trying to say. I met with a speech teacher for an hour a day for one year learning how to read, speak, and write in English. After a year of speech classes I learned enough English to be able to understand my classmates and attend class with out any problems. When I was applying to Wayne State and I heard that there were 40,000 students that go here I didn’t believe it until freshman orientation. Another thing that is different here is I don’t see much soccer being played although it has been growing in the US over the past couple of years. I wish I could take everyone on a trip back to Romania with me this May so you could see how much more fortunate we are here in the US than we are in different places around the world such as where I am from. You cant really understand how much different it Is through 500 words of a blog that I have posted. I hope you enjoyed it! :]]

Iasmin Giuricici


Space: Good and Bad

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What is space considered? To me space is something that can be defined as basically anytheng.For example you can by some property and it would be considered your space or you can go to another city and you wouldnt feel comfortable. You might feel like by leaving your area that you are used to that you are out of your space. Some people even consider their privacy their space. I’m pretty sure you have said or heard someone say that someone is invading your space. Space is what you make it. If you own a building then someone comes along and vandilizes your property you are going to feel like they invaded your space. At your home you might feel like you have a limited amount of space and what do you do? You more than likely try to create more space for yourself. In some terms more space is actually better. Think in terms of real estate. If through out your city you only own a little space then chances are you are not going to make a lot of money. On the other hand if you have a lot space then you can make a lt of money. Space can really have no definition. Space also in some ways tie into race and ethnicity also. Some people feel safer in their space(where ever they live) and then there are some that don’t even feel comfortable there. Like sometimes I don’t feel comfortable going certain places out of Detroit because there are still some people who are races. And I also know some people who have been stopped by police for just being black. But we are not the only ones who feel like that. I have met a couple of white people who are scared of the space i live in (Detroit) because they here how dangerous it is. And living here i feel more comfortable here then i do where they are from. So i know what they are feeling. Same thing applies with gang bangers. Gang bangers have a certain amount of space or territory that they consider theirs and theirs only. It gets so bad to where they sometimes take over anything that is in that facinity. They make store owners and others pay them a cut of what they make. And if a rival gang member enters that space then its not going to be good. So in some cases i guess you can say that space can be sometimes dangerous. So some places you go you need to becareful of your actions! So in final thought space is anything or anyones. It can be used for a lot of things. Territory, for money, to keep to yourself or whatever. Just make sure you know when space is yours or someone else’s because something as little as a space can be very dangerous. Space can be good or bad it just depends on how you want it to be.



band ad

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Looking for some real live entertainment? In this fast paced world of web streaming, xm radio and hi-def television we forget how captivating live entertainment can actually be. Well I say join me on Friday night, February 16, 2007 at the Magic Stick, located in Detroit, MI just down Woodward Ave. for some amazing musical experiences. I play in a local band known as “Roundabout”. We specialize in engaging our listeners with a relaxed vibe, smooth melodies and funky beats. I feel that is incredibly important for us to keep the arts alive by listening to, participating and supporting local musicians and artists. I find that using technology can help local artists advertise themselves, like my band does by using to inform others of gig dates/venues, member profiles and music samples. If anybody is interested I have tickets that I am selling. They are $8 and I believe they are more expensive at the door. Just ask me in class and I will bring one for you.I think music is important because it defines us as humans, and it is one of the greatest forms of expression and communication. Music plays a part in everyone’s life all day long, from the background vocals in commercials to the rhythmic patterns heard from local construction as we walk to class, sounds encompass our lives.

Although music is an extremely significant part of my life and who I am, I would like to say that I would have little to no inspiration if it wasn’t for my girlfriend. She helps me develop my creativity by inspiring me with her own creativity. My girlfriend is a great influcence in my music. She helps me with melody, interpretation, harmony, rhythm, and style. She helps me pick out what to wear so the girls at the bar will think I look good and want to come back. She even makes me cake for valentines day so that I will be well nourished and able to play to the best of my abilities. This is a special thanks to her and all the hard work she does to keep me happy. Without her, I don’t know where I would be.

-Andrew Nichols